2 days HOURS

12/13 . 09 . 2015

LOCATION: Lisbon | Portugal





About Hervé Schneid:
Hervé Schneid is a French editor that in the last 38 years built up an impressive career. We can safely say Hervé Schneid is one of the greatest film editors in activity.

Hervé Schneid has cut more than fifty films of different genres but he has become best known for his long-lasting collaboration with French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet on films Delicatessen (1991), Alien: Resurrection (1997), Amélie (2001), A Very Long Engagement (2004), The Young and Prodigious Spivet (2013).

Apart from work with Jeunet Hervé Schneid edited Lars von Trier's Europa (1991), an adaptation of Virginia Woolf's Orlando (1992) made by Sally Porter, experimental poems Kinogamma One and Kinogamma Two (2008), crime thriller Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 (2008), he has also edited Michel Vaillant(2003) and Zidane, un portrait du 21e siècle (2006) he his currently editing the directional début film of Natalie Portman "A Tale of Love and Darkness"

Hervé Schneid filmography speaks for itself and guarantees the high standards our participants have come to expect from FEST FILM LAB.


The Editing workshop will focus on a diversity of topics of the craft, you will have the chance of not only receive this knowledge from Hervé Schneid, but also interact in a very strong way, as the group will have up to 25 participants, making it extremely practical and interactive. You will also have the opportunity to assess the issues you encountered on your films, and receiving the feedback to unblock situations in the future.

The topics covered on the workshop will be:

Introduction of the participants and Hervé, the participants will then be showed some clips of the work made by Hervé , analyzing some choices and options made in some of his works.
Hervé will focus on how to help the story flow through the editing, and his best processes.The relation with the director DOP, and other members of the film crew,
How to apply the craft in different genres.
Creating visual narratives while working with sound, music and special effects.
How to be a part of the whole process of film and television production and not merely as the final stage, becoming true collaborators, not just efficient technicians.
How to edit you characters (practical examples of problem solving and good decisions)
How to serve the narrative through effective editing
How to employ narrative techniques to create tension
The impact of genre on editing styles
The market reality for Editors, Agents, Rates, and finding your own work
Practical exercise. The participants will be given footage (a small 2 minute scene) to work two weeks before the workshop, all participants will show their work at the workshop, the group will then analyze each editing, and learn from each other’s work. Hervé will give his insight on each edited version of the footage. The participants should at the end be self-conscious of their editing choices, as well as aware of the other options taken by the other participants.

The workshop designed for Editors, Directors, Sound Editors, Film Students, or anyone interested in entering the Film Business on the area of Editing

16 hours
Duration: 2 days
Dates: 12-13 September 2015
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Price: 449EUR
Maximum number of participants: 25
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